Buyer Information

Showcasing Scotland 2021 is your unique and unrivalled opportunity to share in the success of our vibrant industry and to experience the very best food and drink our beautiful country has to offer.

With a carefully curated programme of events, you’ll not only taste our best, but you’ll meet the people and see the places at the heart of the industry and ultimately source the highest quality produce for your business.

Since its inception in 2014, Showcasing Scotland has provided buyers from across the globe with over £100m worth of outstanding new Scottish produce.

Who’ll be there?

Every category of the food and drink industry will be represented: salmon and seafood; whisky, spirits and craft ale; meat; bakery; dairy; produce and premium grocery. From local artisan producers with fabulous stories to tell, to some of Scotland’s largest national brands and major food manufactures.  This is a commercial opportunity like no other.


Translated as the ‘water of life’, our native drink, Scotch Whisky, is expertly crafted by master blenders and cask-aged to perfection. Scotland is home to the world’s most celebrated golden elixirs and with just a ‘nip’ needed to appreciate its journey, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


With the freshest and cleanest water around, Scotland is home to a rich and diverse range of seafood, from deep-water whitefish, shoals of mackerel and herring, to the world’s largest supply of langoustine and other premium shellfish.


The salmon swims in the very cold, clear and fresh Scottish waters, cared for by the fish farmer, who instinctively knows and understands their fish. It’s this knowledge that ensures every salmon delivers in texture and succulent flavour, fresh to your plate.


Scotland has been brewing for over 5,000 years, so we’d like to think we’ve mastered the art. Today, Scotland’s craft brewers are very much alive and well, brewing a wonderful array of distinctive beers, full of character and flavour for the discerning palate. Sláinte!


The lush green fields and rolling landscapes provide a natural habitat for our cows to roam freely. It’s this safe environment that allows them to produce the finest milk that goes into our butter and of course our legendary Scottish cheddar cheese.


From the humble loaf of bread, to buttery and luxurious shortbread, that irresistible smell of fresh baking, which permeates from Scotland’s craft bakers, evokes wonderful memories of homemade baking, fresh from the oven.

Vegetables and Soft Fruits

Scotland harvests some of the very best vegetables and soft fruit in the world. Our berries, for example, have a very unique and distinctive flavour, as the cooler climate and long daylight hours allow the berries to fully ripen and develop a sweet and succulent flavour.


There’s much more to Scotland’s distilling industry than whisky. We also produce award-winning gin, rum and vodka. With an abundance of fresh water, ready grain supplies and generations of distilling experience, we have the skills and resources to produce world-class spirits.


In Scotland, when it comes to rearing prime beef, lamb and pork, our farmers produce unrivalled quality. Compared with other livestock producing countries, Scottish herds are smaller, with the point of differentiation being the quality and modes of production. The meat they produce is globally renowned for its flavour and succulence, commanding premium prices on the world stage. With our grass-fed, hormone-free and sustainably farmed promise, it’s no wonder.

Interested in attending? 

Showcasing Scotland is an invitation only event for buyers. To register your interest, please click here.

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