Supplier Development Programme

As a successful business, you know that you often get just one chance; one chance to form a connection, make your case, stand out from competitors and close a deal.

Showcasing Scotland is a unique opportunity that only comes around once every two years, so it is vital that you enter the event prepared, poised and ready to seize every sales opportunity generated.

Our specially designed Supplier Development Programme includes workshop-based training and advisory support in the run up to the event. We will help you prepare for all your buyer meetings and provide insights and expert advice relevant to trading in key domestic and international markets. You will leave the programme fully equipped to maximise the opportunity and your chance of securing business.

The Supplier Development Programme is open to all participants and will run from August to October. Training will be delivered by a specialist training consultant, with input from Scotland Food & Drink, Scottish Development International trade teams, industry partners and experts.

Programme structure:

The training programme will enable delegates to personalise their own training by choosing from a suite of programme parts to access information, insight and support from experts pre, during and post event. Training and advisory support will be delivered via the following –


A 1-day workshop consisting of session briefings with a focus on the global market, using latest market data and practical advice. The workshop will take place in 3 geographies.

Dates & venues –

    • Inverness: 14th August, Highlands & Islands Enterprise
    • Aberdeen: 15th August, Burness Paull
    • Edinburgh: 20th August, Burness Paull


A series of pre-recorded market briefings focused on each of the priority markets and the buyers attending the event and how to meet their specific needs. Webinars will be delivered by global trade specialists, training and events teams.

Pitch Ready Support

One-to-one personalised advisory support form specialist advisor to help you prepare to meet buyers, prepare tailored presentations and plan your sales pitch.

Resources Library

A library of key resources, market insights reports and other information relevant to the event.


Drop-in clinics at the event to support delegates with ‘on-the-spot’ advice

Post-event support

Signposting to additional support available to help develop trade opportunities identified at the event

Showcasing Regional Events

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