About Us

The Scotland Food & Drink Partnership

It’s 2030. Farming, fishing, food and drink is Scotland’s most valuable industry, recognised at home and abroad as a model of collaboration and a world leader in responsible, profitable growth.” The Scotland Food and Drink Partnership shared vision.

Scotland Food & Drink is the only industry body in the world which facilitates and enables government and industry to work side by side.

Around our Partnership Board table sit the trade bodies and key organisations representing every sector of our industry. We also bring to the table Scotland’s leading research institutes and government agencies supporting businesses through skills, training and economic development. As well as the Scottish Government.

By working together our industry has achieved great things over the ten years since we formed the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership. In March 2017 we made a renewed commitment to work as one and grow the value and reputation of Scottish farming, fishing, food and drink. The Ambition 2030 strategy establishes a vision to cement food and drink as Scotland’s most valuable industry, with the opportunity to more than double turnover in the sector to reach £30 billion by 2030.

By working together we have seen incredible success in an industry now worth £14 billion. By working together we can celebrate, support and promote our members and our country. By working together we can provide one unified voice, coherent leadership and essential commercial clout.

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