About Us

Showcasing Scotland 2024 is delivered by Scotland Food & Drink on behalf of the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership, with funding support from The Scottish Government.

Scotland Food & Drink is the only industry body in the world which facilitates and enables government and industry to work side by side. Around the Partnership sit the trade bodies and key organisations representing every sector of our industry. We also bring to the table Scotland’s leading research institutes and government agencies supporting businesses through skills, training and economic development.

Our Industry Strategy

Sustaining Scotland. Supplying the world.

The Scotland Food & Drink Partnership launched its new industry strategy in June 2023. This will be our guiding light over the next 10 years as the Partnership works to support our industry’s recovery and growth.

'Sustaining Scotland. Supplying the world.' is a collaborative strategy that draws on the lived experience and expertise of the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership, Government and more than 150 businesses consulted.

Scotland’s food and drink industry is a major economic contributor, and this new strategy builds on that success for a more sustainable, resilient and valuable sector; unlocking new commercial opportunities