Why Scotland?

With beautiful, natural and unspoiled landscapes; fertile land and clear, fresh water, Scotland is a fitting home to some of the world’s most sought-after produce.

We pride ourselves on maintaining traditions and reinventing them, on endlessly striving for the highest quality, and making sure sustainability is at the top of the agenda.

Despite our rich history and heritage Scotland is also a country of modernity. We embrace technology and innovation to improve and enhance the way we work, and not just in food and drink. We’re committed to building a society that enriches the quality of life of all those who call Scotland home. And our progressive, inclusive values endeavour to make our country a beacon of equality.

Our Food and Drink Industry

Our forward-thinking food and drink producers innovate and adapt to modern market demands, while staying true to deep-rooted traditions which have been handed down through the generations.

There is a natural harmony between land, people and product, with regions applying their own unique personalities and diversities to create food and drink with real taste and character.

We take great care and pride in everything we produce. We are passionate about quality and endless seekers of excellence.

Devotion, dedication and commitment are three ingredients you will find in all of Scotland’s food and drink.