Why Scotland?

Scotland's natural larder is world-famous

From salmon and seafood to whisky and meat, Scotland’s food and drink has a global reputation for quality and makes a key contribution to the country’s economy. 

Over the last decade, food exports have more than doubled and food and drink is one of Scotland’s best performing industries.


surge in food exports in the last decade


the value of Scotland's food and drink industry


upswing in sales of Scottish brands across the UK

Scotland in the spotlight

Export Market

Scottish exports surged in 2022 compared to 2021, with strong growth seen in particular in the EU and Western Europe (excl. EU).

  • European Union: Export growth of £128 million, reaching £1.2 billion.
  • Fish and Seafood: An impressive 22% increase.
  • Meat: Achieved a substantial 36% growth.
  • Healthy Oat and Cereal Products: Experienced an impressive 67% export rise, with strong demand in the Middle East.
  • Whisky: A staggering 37% growth, soaring to £6 billion.

UK Market

  • Scotland food and drink sales in the rest of the UK: Valued at £4.4 billion.   
  • Scottish Brands: Contributing to 1.6% of GB Grocery sales.
  • Grocery Market Share: Scotland commands 10% of the UK's grocery market.
  • Quality Influence: Independent research highlights that 46% of shoppers seek Scottish products due to the 'much better quality.                                                                                                                

Naturally Scottish

Scotland's breath-taking landscapes hold undisturbed nature, fertile land and cool, clear waters. This makes Scotland an ideal home for producing some of the globe's most coveted culinary delights.

In Scotland, we take pride in both preserving age-old traditions and reimagining them for a modern world. Our ceaseless pursuit of uncompromising quality goes hand-in-hand with our resolute commitment to sustainability.

Despite our rich history and heritage, Scotland is also a country of modernity. We embrace technology and innovation to improve and enhance the way we work, and not just in food and drink. We’re committed to building a society that enriches the quality of life of all those who call Scotland home. Our progressive, inclusive values endeavour to make our country a beacon of equality.

We are a country that cherishes its past, welcomes its future, and nurtures a harmonious relationship between the land, its people, and the creations they produce. Devotion, dedication and commitment are three ingredients you will find in every bite and sip of Scotland’s food and drink.

Net Zero and our environment

The Scotland Food & Drink Partnership’s Net Zero Commitment signifies our resolve to address the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by a just transition to Net Zero by 2045 throughout the food and drink supply chain.