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Unlock the best of Scottish food and drink

An event tailored to help you foster new commercial relationships in Scotland. With features like business matchmaking, one-to-one meetings and networking, you'll have the opportunity to connect with the people behind Scotland's finest produce. Explore Scotland's natural larder, experience its world-famous reputation for quality and establish connections that matter.

The 2024 Showcasing Scotland event has now passed. Stay tuned for updates on our next event.

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Scotland's culinary heritage is renowned worldwide. From the richness of salmon and seafood to the allure of Scotch whisky and meat, our food and drink industry boasts an unparalleled global reputation for quality, contributing significantly to our nation's economy and export prowess.

Since inception in 2014, Showcasing Scotland has generated millions of pounds towards the Scottish food and drink economy.

A Glimpse of what's waiting

Every sector of the food and drink industry will be at Showcasing Scotland. From captivating local artisans with family stories to share, to iconic national brands and major food manufacturers. Whether you're a UK or international buyer seeking to invest in Scottish produce, Showcasing Scotland is an opportunity you can't afford to miss.

Our meticulously curated program ensures you not only savour the best our land and seas have to offer, but you'll also meet the faces behind the industry and witness the places that fuel its essence. Source the highest quality produce for your business, straight from the heart of Scotland.

Why Scotland?

Connect with Scotland's visionary producers, delve into our heritage, and embrace the future of food and drink innovation.

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Our Industry

Whisky: A Masterpiece Crafted in Scotland

Known as the 'water of life,' Scotch Whisky is our native treasure. Crafted by master blenders and aged to perfection in oak casks, Scotland is home to the world's most celebrated golden elixirs. With just a sip, you'll embark on a journey of flavour and tradition that's truly unparalleled. Sláinte!

Salmon and Seafood: Fresh from Scottish Waters

Scotland boasts the freshest and cleanest waters, giving rise to a diverse array of seafood. From deep-water whitefish to abundant mackerel and herring, our waters teem with life. Not to mention, we proudly offer the world's largest supply of langoustine and other premium shellfish.

In the crisp, cold embrace of Scotland's clear waters, salmon thrive. Our fish farmers, with an intimate understanding of their craft, care for these magnificent creatures. This care and expertise ensure that every salmon delivers succulent texture and unforgettable flavour.

Brewing: A 5,000-Year-Old Legacy

Scotland's brewing legacy stretches back 5,000 years, a testament to our mastery of the craft. Today, our craft brewers are vibrant and thriving, concocting a variety of distinctive beers, each brimming with character and flavour to delight the discerning palate.

Dairy: From Pasture to Plate

Our lush green fields are a natural landscape for our cows to roam. The result? The finest milk, richest butter and of course a variety of Scottish cheeses. Its quality nurtured from the pasture to your plate.

Baking: Traditions Fresh From the Oven

From the humble loaf of bread to buttery, luxurious shortbread, the scent of fresh baking from Scotland's artisan bakers evokes cherished memories of homemade delights.

Vegetables and Soft Fruits: Nature's Bounty

Scotland's unique climate yields some of the world's best vegetables and soft fruits. The cooler temperatures and extended daylight hours infuse our berries with a distinctive and unforgettable flavour – a true taste of nature's bounty.

Distilling: Beyond Whisky's Horizon

Scotland's distilling prowess goes beyond whisky. We've mastered the art of producing award-winning gin, rum, and vodka. With an abundance of pristine water and generations of distilling expertise, we've embraced the challenge of creating world-class spirits.

Meat: A Culinary Heritage of Quality

Scotland excels in rearing prime beef, lamb, and pork. Our farmers prioritize quality over quantity, resulting in meat that's globally renowned for its flavour and succulence. With our commitment to grass-fed, hormone-free, and sustainable farming, the result is nothing short of exceptional.

Premium Grocery: A Sweet, Salty, Spicy and Savoury Symphony

Scotland's culinary excellence shines through a diverse range of ambient products. From exquisite oils and salts to unique soft drinks, spices, chutneys, and  luxurious confectionery, these premium offerings add depth and diversity to our culinary landscape. Crafted with care and precision, these products elevate every dining experience.